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Thread: how many mg of codeine do it take to get high

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    Default how many mg of codeine do it take to get high

    I know it depends on your tolerance. and I know you shouldnt want to get high off that stuff. and I know its dangerous. And I know the bad with's from it and stuff but im just wondering, if any of you people have ever got high on it before and how much it took

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    how many mg of codeine do it take to get high
  3. If you have all this information about codeine, then why do you want to know that question, other than to get high. Don't dapple in things you could regret. God Bless Reggier

  4. Adam, i will assume you need this information for purposes other than getting high. I would rather you have good information than to go out and try something you would regret.

    Tolerance is one of many factors to consider when taking codeine as a prescribed pain analgesic. You also have to consider how sensitive you are to opioids in general. Codeine acts like endorphins that you create naturally in your brain. If you produce high levels of endorphins under normal conditions then you might be sensitive to small amounts of codeine and vis versa. So it is almost impossible to give you an exact dosage that would get any one person high without collecting some data. I think a range for the average person would be between 15mg and 200mg would be a safe answer. Again this is just my opinion and each person will experience different results based on their unique disposition.

    p.s Other things to consider: Blood pressure/Heart rate, body weight/height, Potentiators and other medications.
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  5. if it's your first time don't take much

    take a small amount, wait half an hour- hour, if it isn't as good as you'd like it to be, add more and more until you're happy

    just don't over do it


  6. how many mg of codeine do it take to get high

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