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Thread: How will taking hydrocodone affect my pregnancy

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    I am 17 weeks pregnant and have been taking 10 ml norco for 5+ years for a severely herniated disc. I have developed a tolerance to the drug and have to take alot for it to work. My ob/gyn knows that I am on the medication but she really hasnt talked to me much about it. She said it was okay and that it wouldnt hurt the baby. I quit smoking because she told me that would cause more damage than the pills would. The baby is developing fine so far. I am currently taking about 20 pills a day at 10 mg each and I have attempted to stop but I suffered very bad withdrawal symptoms after about 12 hours without the medication in my system. I have read other posts about this but they werent on the medication as bad as I am so I am wondering if anyone has or knows someone who has been in a similar situation? I havent told the doctors that give me the meds that I am pregnant because they will not give them to me anymore and I am afraid about what I am going to do when I cant get a prescription anymore.

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    How will taking hydrocodone affect my pregnancy
  3. it's not socially acceptable. However under certain circumstances, drs will perscribe pain medications during pregnancy. As if you are in chronic pain, it could cause stress to you and the baby and the risk of the chronic pain and the stress it causes is more of a danger than the medication. the studies show that other than the risk of the baby being born addicted (they wean you off a month before and stop you totally 2 weeks before the birth), they have not PROVEN a risk to the baby from the medication.
    if you are taking 200 mgs a day, you will need to wean yourself down to a normal dosage and it will need to be perscribed to you so they can help you wean off it before you have the baby. Or else if you were to go into labor because of withdraw (that does happen) and the baby is born addicted and you have no perscribtion, they can take your baby away from you and even put you into jail in some states..
    I have chronic pain syndrom, nerve damage in my back, the granulation tissue from infected c-section and 11 surgeries afterward is being ripped open and i have a fist sized hernia in my stomach. my ob actually offered me a refferal to a pain clinic (but i was already going to one) and they keep telling me to UP my medication (im on 45 mgs of oxy codone a day) and i have not done so, even though i get worse every single day and need the meds, i dont want to risk withdraw that would put me into labor and my child being addicted.. if your ob will not give you a perscribtion, you need to go see a pain clinic or ask your ob for a refferal to a doctor to help you get off the meds without serious withdraw that could hurt the baby or cause labor. they HAVE to do this for you.

  4. I just know that my OB has me on darvocet for migraines. I have intense migraines due to a past truamatic brain injury. People are going to be very judgemental of you over this. They were towards me with it. My son is developing fine as well,and there are no problems. I jsut wanted to tell you I to a degree udnerstand what you are going through. Don't listen to all these women going on and on and on about how bad of a person you are,you may have not got them doing it yet,but you may get them doing that. I understand,although I try to not take mine daily. I do have to take them usually at least one a day,but I go the occasional day or two here and ther without them. Best of luck. From what I've read,they don't cause anything worse,it's the stress of the pain that can cause so much worse. My dr told me things like this won't cause anything but possible addiction for the baby,in which they try to do everything they can to prevent that.

  5. How will taking hydrocodone affect my pregnancy

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