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Thread: How many Hydrocodone 5mg pills does it take to get high

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    Default How many Hydrocodone 5mg pills does it take to get high

    I don't need preached at or anything. I need real answers.
    I weigh about 130-135....

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    How many Hydrocodone 5mg pills does it take to get high
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    haha dude, trust me, you're not getting shit from those.
    they'll just make you really sleepy.
    oxycodone is where you would theoretically want to go if you were trying to get lifted.

  4. i took like 6 today, you build up a tolerance

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    ... Start counting?

  6. Preaching no, advice yes. You are killing yourself if you get high on any drug illegal or prescription. I pray that you will reconsider and not take any pills. If you have an addiction please get help before you do yourself harm. This is a real answer. Anyone that would tell you what you want to know is not only stupid but not trustworthy. How do you know you will be given the correct information?

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    I'd take four. Just don't drink or anything. Oh, and listen to the other people if you have liver problems. The Acetaminophen will **** you up, brah.

    Scratch that, if it's your first time, you probably won't need that much. Just take one or two.

  8. No,
    don't do it,

  9. shit man i really dont know what to tell you but i just took 6 40mg hydrocodone, and i feel good.

  10. If you took hydrocodone 5mg pills on friday and took 10 of them then again on sunday and took 12 of them and again wednsday and took 4 of them woul you be clean for a urine test 8 days later?
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  11. If you took 3-4 you would feel pretty good, but make sure you count the acetaminophen dosage first and not too exceed 1000mg in a single dose/day.

  12. How many Hydrocodone 5mg pills does it take to get high

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