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Thread: Is it ok to take ambien after taking oxycodone

  1. Default Is it ok to take ambien after taking oxycodone

    It's been several hours since I took the oxycodone 30mg. My doctor prescribed me the Ambien and said if it didn;t work to take 1 1/2 of a 10 mg pill. Is this safe?

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    Is it ok to take ambien after taking oxycodone
  3. wow, tell someone in the house and get to bed...

  4. Its never a good idea to mix drugs that depress the respiratory system it can be very dangerous and lead to respiratory arrest. Call your prescribing doctor and speak with him before consuming those drugs together. Be safe!

  5. Kinda scary if you ask me. Ambien by itself is rather scary by itself. Just watch someone who has taken it and try to talk with then 1/2 hour after taking the Ambien.

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    I dont see why you would need to take ambien after taking oxycodone....unless of course your like me and oxycodone speeds you up instead of slowing you down. Are you having trouble sleeping after you take the oxycodone? (Personally i think that it is safe for you to take it but thats just my opinion and i am not a doctor)

  7. Ambien is fairly similar to a benzo, and I've heard it refered to a "z-benzo" even before, so mixing opiates with this could be dangerous. Remember, the opiate potentiates the ambien at the same time the ambien is potentiating the opiate. Stacking CNS depressents is risky.

    ---edit: Wow, I just looked at teh dates, lot of threads getting necro'd around here.

  8. Is it ok to take ambien after taking oxycodone

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