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Thread: Donating Blood if you take Suboxone

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    Default Donating Blood if you take Suboxone

    Hi everyone,

    I think I'm posting this in the appropriate place, but if not, feel free to move it the right location.

    Can you donate blood when you are taking Suboxone or other strong meds that have been in your system for a while?

    I did some research online, hoping to find a good answer, but I get conflicting reports. I plan to call the blood bank on Monday to see what medications prohibit a person from donating blood.
    I would like to donate...but not "unhealthy" blood, if that makes sense.

    I looked through the threads to make sure I didn't double post, so if I did, I'm sorry.

    Just wanted to know what people's experiences are with blood donation. Can pks, benzos, and even psych meds prevent people from donating?

    Any experiences would be great. When I get through to the blood bank, I will report back what they say.
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    Donating Blood if you take Suboxone
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    I would read through the Red Cross' list of criteria:

    Eligibility Criteria by Alphabetical Listing | American Red Cross

    They also have it by topic:

    Eligibility Criteria by Topic | American Red Cross

    Then make sure as part of the in depth interview they conduct before taking blood you are completely honest about your history of any drugs you have taken, legal or otherwise. Illegally taken being the most importantly.

    People who use donated blood are already in a trauma situation. They require blood from someone else to fight for their life. It's very important you are honest in your interview. The Red Cross will make the decisions from there. They could tell you to come back after a certain length of time, that you aren't eligible at all or have different advice.

    If you are pre-donating your own blood for upcoming surgery or other reason, it shouldn't be a problem.

    Only those in charge of the blood banks know exactly what is acceptable. The Red Cross may draw your blood but have it rejected at the next step in the process.

    All you can do is go, talk to them, try and see what happens. Don't be embarrassed. Those few moments of being uncomfortable in the interview may mean nothing and you could go on to save lives with the blood you donate.
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  4. Donating Blood if you take Suboxone

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