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Thread: I just took an expired aspirin, it expired 4 years ago! what is going to...

  1. Default I just took an expired aspirin, it expired 4 years ago! what is going to...

    ...happen to me? Bayer extrastrength aspirin, expired in 06/2004

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    I just took an expired aspirin, it expired 4 years ago! what is going to...
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    The only thing which would probably happen to you after taking an expired aspirin is that whatever pain you took it for will not go away. It will not be extra strength anymore. Drug manufacturers are required to place expiration dates on their products to indicate the number of days they can guarantee 100% potency of the drug. This means that taking an expired one will probably have less potency than an unexpired one although there are other drugs that may be toxic to take after their expiration date.

    Don't worry much about it that expired aspirin. Just don't make it a habit of taking expired drugs since it quite defeats the purpose of placing an expiration date if it is not followed, right?

  4. i think taking expired drug may lead to minor problems
    like head ache,body pains,vomting sensation etc
    if your facing acute stomach ache and body pains you have to visit hospital.

  5. Default took 4 yr old Bayer; haaving kidney like pains

    ut oh. i couldn't believe i did it. the bottole was sealed; figured it was new. I never take aspirin but since i had gotten swollen tonsils and couldn't sleep for 2 nights becuase it killed me to swollow i took them. i did the salt water garlge but only at night when laying down it was unbearble. i took (2) 25mg Bayer. next day by mid day under ribs on backside above waist terrible tenderness (noticible on the rightside), and trying to get out of bed after reading book to daughter the next night was so painful i geld my breathe. Could aspirin have bled through kidney or stomach from only one time use? it hurts with deep breathes and when twisting. it just feels like i have a bruise from a punch but i see no discoloration. sdaly tonsils still swollen any idea?
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    I do not think that the aspirin, expired or otherwise, is the reason for the pain, especially with this small dosage. You may have some other medical problem. Sometimes, pain in this area may mean pain inside your body since there is such thing as referred pain wherein it dos not really hurt in that area but it does because the pain in some other area radiates to it. I suggest that you consult with your doctor right away.

    Hope this helps.

  7. Default Asprin turns to salicylic acid

    Disclaimer: I'm not a physician. See your physician before taking my advice.

    I wouldn't be too concerned because aged aspirin (particularly when exposed to moisture) turns into salicylic acid. Salicylic acid can be toxic at high doses, much like Vitamin A and a number of other substances that would otherwise be considered healthy (see your doctor to find out if a full aspirin pill could exceed the maximum "safe" dose). Salicylic acid is considered by some to be a vitamin due to it's positive benefits, but some suffer from allergies, making it toxic at small doses.

    It might benefit your stomach to drink some milk or take some Tums (acid neutralizers), but I'm not sure (research this).

    Read here (jumps to section pertaining to ingestion):

    Salicylic acid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  8. Really? I initially imagined that taking a 4-year-old medicine would be a disaster, since it's way beyond the date of its effectivity... that it's not the medicine per se that will kill you, but the bacteria that was able to penetrate the medicine.

    Good to know.

  9. I just took an expired aspirin, it expired 4 years ago! what is going to...

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