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Thread: Can you get high from taking aspirin?

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    I recently recieved a laceration on my finger which took about 7 stitches and I recieved nothing for the pain.So I heard that aspirin worked I never baught a bottle before but I thought it would come in handy for headaches and things as I get them from time to time.But anyway I started taking them and started gettin a really big buzz, and although I only took the amount suggested on the bottle I started hallucianating and all that stuff.I have taken drugs before illegal ones to get high so I know when im high, and although I have been sober and clean for three years and dont plan on going back, It seems I enjoy the high I get from taking aspirin.I didnt think it was possiable and I was high for like a month and personaly I liked the affects better than marijuana and they last longer.I know thousands upon millions are abusing this drug and I know that there are side affects, as I stopped using the aspirin it took about a week for the affects to completly go away. Can this happen?

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    Can you get high from taking aspirin?
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    Aspirin before was mixed with coca cola to get a certain high but this led to having overdoses from aspirin. There has been no real evidence showing that aspirin has caused hallucinations to occur when taken in normal doses although with high doses, it has been seen to happen. It may also be possible that you cannot tolerate aspirin which led to these hallucinations. In any case, please consult your doctor and ask for a pain medication that will suit you. Hope this helps!

  4. Can you get high from taking aspirin?

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