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Thread: Hydrocodone and Promethazine?

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    I have a broken collar bone and I was give 10/325 vicodins. This is making me very queasy even with food. I have a couple months old 25 mg promethazine pills left over in my cabinet.

    Will these counteract each other?
    I'm also considering mylanta, will this effect the pain numbing effects?

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    Hydrocodone and Promethazine?
  3. take the vicodin again one with food,drink milk with it,try to take as little as posible to get pain control,maybe every 6-8 hours and not every 4 hours.if you continue to be sick then call doc,he can give you darvocet or something.but don't take the out dated phenergan , it will increase the effect of the vicodin,it could sedate could cause some side effects . if the vicodin is making you nauseated then the phenergan won't stay down eighther.

  4. my book on Promethazine says you shouldn't mix with narcotic painkillers such as demerol and tylenol with codeine and the info on vicodins don't seem to say anything bad against Promethazine but does say it shouldn't be taken with alot of other stuff for the most part they both shouldn't be taken with pills that mess with your head or nerves and not with any more narcotics.

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    I think it would counteract the nausea without getting you too sedated in low amounts. I've nenver had regular codeine but promethazine with codeine syrup doesn't make you nauseous at all , even helps if your already nauseous. I think codeine is known for making people nauseous too so the promethazine in the syrup did the trick.

    I think I read about promethazine interfering with hydro though (not letting it work ass good). But I guess its different for codeine

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    I'd say it's fine to take. I take oxy and promethazine every single day, at the same time. I deal with a lot of nausea and they aren't sure why so I have a running prescription for promethazine, and I take 45 mgs of oxy IR a day and 40 mgs of methadone, along with klonopin for anxiety. As long as you take them the way the doctor prescribes it''s fine. ( I take 15mg of oxy and 50mg of promethazine in the morning when I wake up, the methadone every 6 hours and the oxy and promethazine again before bed). I take my klonopin at 0.5mg every 6 hours, although occasionally I skip the morning dose and take 1mg early in the afternoon if I know something is going to cause me massive anxiety.

    If you read all the pamphlets, I should be dead. You're not supposed to mix benzos with Methadone, you're not supposed to mix all of these meds in the way I do, but it works for me and I'm careful to take my medicine the way the doctor wants me to. Oh, and I never drink alcohol so that's not a problem. If you add alcohol to methadone and kpins that's a death sentence.

    Anyway, this long story is simply saying that indeed you can take it with hydrocodone with no problems and they are often prescribed together. Even when I was in the hospital I was given promethazine through my IV along with my pain meds.

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    It is fine. When I was taking it after surgery(ies) my physician always gave me some phenergan to take with it so I wouldn't get sick. In fact, I remembor my when my husband was in a tremendous amount of pain after having dry socket with his wisdom teeth being pulled and was given demoral(pardon me if not spelled right) but the actual pill was mixed with phenergan. I don't remeber what it was called...but my point is, it is completely fine to take that with vicodin. I dont know how well it will work if expired, but you should be just fine.

  8. Most of the time when you get a pain shot at the hospital, it will have some Phenegrin in it. You are A ok using it with your pain meds every day, its an accepted medical practice to use Phenegrin to potentate opiates as well as control the nausea they sometimes induce.

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    they make a demerol/promethazine pill that is the most amazing drug i've ever tried in my life

    but i took promethazine for a long time and was prescribed it for enhances the opiate and has a great anti-nausea effect...they can definitely be taken together (note, i am not a doctor, but they can be taken together according to multiple doctors i've talked to about it)

  10. Yeah you should definitely be okay. I had a similar situation a few years back and had no problems combining the two.

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    just dont take too much prometh. it might take away from the hydrocodone. If you find the right amount I bet it will potentiate and stop the nausea. being nauseous is one of the worst feelings

  12. Hydrocodone and Promethazine?

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