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Thread: Can you get high from taking acetaminophen/cod #3 tablettes?

  1. Default Can you get high from taking acetaminophen/cod #3 tablettes

    My friend keeps taking them and he supposedly has a head ache and is sick all the time. I just want to make sure he isn't going behind my back and doing things he shouldnt be doing. So is he using them to get high or is he really using them for pail relief?

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    Can you get high from taking acetaminophen/cod #3 tablettes?
  3. Yes you can and he is probably addicted to the codeine. Pail or Pain ? These are the generic form of Tylenol 3........... 7.5 mg of hydrocodone............

  4. Yes, you can get high, but it takes soooo much to do so. The part thats really bad is the amount of acetaminophen he is taking in the process, thats terrible on your liver. I would advise him to not do that.If he isn't take a large amount, then maybe he really does only take them for headaches.

    ******CORRECTION***** Tylenol 3 is not nearly as strong as hydrocodone AT ALL!!!!!!

  5. yes you can get high off of them if you take enough and also they are addictive if taken over time

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    They are very addictive.
    They are not often given just for headaches.
    They are dangerous over time as they really damage your stomach. I am willing to bet your friend is in early stages of addiction.
    The pain is an excuse to enjoy the buzz he gets from them and he is most likely always sick as the codeine really can play tricks on your stomach (and constapate you as well)

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    you can get high but truthfully they arent very strong he will build a tolerance to them and have to up the dosage to maintan the high

    I would make sure he stopped doing it before hehas a real problem.

  8. check WebMD

  9. You haven't specified the dosages, but that medical combination (of acetaminophen and codine) has usually a low codeine content for serious abuse (unless he's a starter, has still very low tolerance, is exceptionally small/light etc.). For headaches, aspirin is a better choice rather than acetaminophen in my opinion.

  10. I think You can but why would you want to do such a thing?

    Im not sure if its a narcotic though.

  11. Yes you can becarefull of the acetemetphan in it since its bad on your body in high doses. You can use cold water extraction to take out the everything but the codiene. Just search the web for cold water extraction for vicodin and tylonal 3

  12. Youhave to be careful also when you extract since it pure then and it doesnt take much

  13. Can you get high from taking acetaminophen/cod #3 tablettes?

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