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Thread: How comparable in effectiveness are hydrocodone, fentanyl, oxycodone, and methadone?

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    How comparable in effectiveness are hydrocodone, fentanyl, oxycodone, and methadone?
  2. all of these meds are opioid based narcotics. hydrocodone (vicodin) is a short acting narcotic that needs to be taken every 4-6 hours. oxycodone (which is the main pain reliever in percocet) is stronger then vicodin but also short acting. fentanyl comes in transdermal patches that last for 72 hours. methadone is taken mostly in pill or liquid form and is a longer acting opioid that has a 24 hour half life.
    all these meds are addictive. for fibromyalgia...most people go with either the fentanyl patches or methadone.

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    theyre all probably pretty similar with equivalent doses. i think most fibromyalgia patients usually do better with drugs like amyitriptiline, lyrica, flexeril, mirapex, etc. than opiods

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    Hydrocodone and oxycodone work great for fibromyalgia patients. Fentynal is good, but they need fast acting pain meds for when it's time to change the patch and breakthrough pain.
    But the first two are the best because it can be taken when needed and bring fast releife.
    I would say for this particular patient it would be time to switch to Oxycodone.
    People with Fibromyalgia are very med sensitive and the patch doesn't always do so well with them.

    MNvikes has it all wrong. Our pain is so bad that we are debilitated by it and almost every patient with fibromyalgia has tried these types of medicines and they still cry for the narcotic pain releivers. Its sad that some doctors don't think people with Fibro need narcotic pain meds because some of us actually do. The pain is very intense and can drive people to want to end their lives and then people that have fibro become depressed because doctors leave them to suffer and then these doctors say oh your deopressed thats your problem. You would think as smart as they are supposed to be they would see that when they turn their backs on these people in pain they are causing their depression.

  5. As a fibromyalgia patient that can and has been entirely debilitated by pain; I have found that the combination of Lyrica and Methadone is very effective in controlling my pain.

    Before that I would take oxycodone or hydrocodone, however the tolerance builds up fast and I would need more and more to get relief. Oxycodone or hydrocodone can be used for breakthrough pain and I have used it when needed.

    However for me, the Lyrica with the Methadone has allowed me to actually be able to function and have a life. Without it I am curled up in a ball wanting to die.

    I have not personally tried fentanyl, however I have friends that have and have had bad side effects. In fact recently studies are coming out that fentanyl patches may cause more harm than good than Methadone.

    I hope this helps!


  6. Pfft. I seem to agree with 20mg. I am med sensitive and am into moderation. Can't tolerate flexeril. Drs wanted me to take vicodin every 4-6 hours but that is too much for me. Patches don't work. Nothing really has. I won't try me it is like doing heroin. I know, I know..but that is my opinion of it. I don't like the new trend to treat problems with meds that weren't developed for my problem...taking psych meds for non psych issues, for example. I actually came here to find out if methadone can be taken as needed or is necessary to always take small dosage. I ask as someone who works for me seems high and denies it. She says she was given methadone for break thru pain following accident, to be taken as needed. Do I believe her -- that she isn't always somewhat altered?

  7. How comparable in effectiveness are hydrocodone, fentanyl, oxycodone, and methadone?

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