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Thread: suboxone film strips on a flight.

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    Unhappy suboxone film strips on a flight.

    Should i take my two suboxone film strips on my flight with me? I really need only 1 to last me a whole entire week. Obviously i cannot afford it, or i would be under a physicians care. As we all know, that can be quite expensive. I am almost completely off of the suboxone, but i have a few months yet to go. I am going on a commercial flight here soon, and i dont want to be imberrassed if something were to happen. I cant go without it, and i dont have enough time to completely go without it. What do i do?? Im so scared!

  2. suboxone film strips on a flight.
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    Put them in your wallet. Shouldn't be a problem. They're very convenient. I mean if you did get caught with them they could possible charge you. But I seriously doubt that they would even find them if they're in your wallet. And a drug dog can't smell buprenorphine.

    You should be just fine. There's no way for them to prove you don't have a prescription for it. Don't sweat it

    But if you're really worried about it, take them out of the foil packet and put them in something else. In the foil they're easily identified as a controlled substance. Outside they're not. Want to be really sneaky? Buy a pack of those Listerine breath strips. Take all the breath strips out and put the Suboxone film in there. They'll never know.
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    you know, i have thought of everything and beyond! I guess i just hate to hide it in that sense, because it makes me feel bad. But yet the way the world works is even though i am bettering myself by doing this, there are still ways to get in trouble. I had a friend tell me to just put it in my wallet. But.... will xray machines and all that fancy stuff they have catch one maybe two small strips? I know this is silly, but i guess its very nerve racking for me. :S

  5. suboxone film strips on a flight.

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