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    Has anyone ever purchased pain meds from received a email of what they had.WOW.He also said they are only taking moneygrams.Don't sound good.It also say it comes from Tijuana.I could drive there in a hour myself.and pay less.Ant info would be great.
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    Pain meds from epharmas
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    Very pricey!
    I haven't ordered from them, but even if they were outstanding, $7 for 10m of hydro is quite a bit of money to shell out. I think they're ten dollars less on the other BI sites.
    And if you live an hour away from Tijuana, just cut out the middle man and drive it across the border yourself. It would be MUCH cheaper that way.

    (This sounds like a BI site, too, and sells CII meds. i.e. needs to be moved to the senior section.)

  4. there are few places offering these types of meds that deliver in 1-2 days. Considering this the price aint all that bad. plus i have been around here for a while and only seen a few others that offer it and it seems way too good to be true.

  5. It's funny,My father gets 810, three month supply.Medicare he pays $40.00.Unreal the mark up?
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    Yup the markup is unreal. But it is the law of supply and demand. If they can get it, they will.

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    Discussions containing where to get, who has, how much is it at what place for schedule 1 or 2 meds is not allowed in the public forum.

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  8. Pain meds from epharmas

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