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    I came across this OP today (top10medsonline) and looked it up in the Top Rated and Blacklist and do not see it either place. Has anyone used this OP and if so what kind of reviews do you give it.

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    Top10Meds Online
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    This vendor is only to be discussed in the senior you will get no responses in this thread.

    It would be wise editing out some of the vendors name also

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    @justlooking please review the GENERAL FORUM GUIDE Section. On their you have some stickies that help you know how to get around the forum, and a list of sites that can't be discussed in the open area of the forum.

    Please to further understand some of the reasons why, if you read through the stickies as well as forum rules you will understand the reasons why.

    Reviews for this webstore are to be mentioned and spoken about in its respective thread, which is in the Senior members area..

    To avoid any further discussion or reviews in the open area of this vendor, thread will be closed.

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