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Thread: What happened with 1Drugstore-Online?

  1. Default What happened with 1Drugstore-Online?

    Hello, does someone know what happened with 1Drugstore-Online ?
    I made a lot of orders and they where very fast shipping it to me in italy (max 15 days). But now the site has disappeared .


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    What happened with 1Drugstore-Online?
  3. Yes, I used to make many successful orders with them and they had a huge selection of medications. Unfortunately I also tried to get the site recently and it seems to have vanished. Too bad. Always good prices and always delivered. Another one bites the dust.

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    I wouldn't trust them that website has alot of search results on google for scamming. Wouldn't touch that website at all good thing it vanish so users can stop getting scammed.

  5. I've been wondering what happened to them as well. I found the medication was always of a decent quality and once you hit $30 free shipping.

  6. What happened with 1Drugstore-Online?

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