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    Hey guys. . Don't know where this will land as such as I'm new and not quite got it down yet.

    Does anyone have any info on Indian pharmacies ?? I've come across this place called India mart.... It seems to be a contract point site as such to a mass of Indian pharmacies doing a lot of r.c's and the like. Some of which seems to be serious bulk buy. .
    Not something I want to do as I don't want to, not do I condone the dealing of drugs. Which is what you'd have to do with that much. No thanks. Do any of them cater to individuals like us who are looking for a bit of help we can't get in our own areas? ??

    Any advice please guys. Not asking for names or anything else that would cause any wrong doing on here. A list of bad ones would be good. Many thanks. John jay
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    Indian pharmacies
  3. @johnjay I have had excellent transactions with 2 Indian vendors. I searched the web to find what I was looking for then used the search feature here to find reviews on the vendors. It took a little work but I was able to find 2 good vendors relatively quickly. You can also check through the vendor threads right on the main forum page and find vendor reviews jumping out at you. Cheers.
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    Hey @Millhouse11 thanks for your advice there my friend. .. have you heard of that India mart yourself at all. ... well done on the research regarding your results. God helps those that help themselves. . Good work.
    I'm after pretty strong things if im honest and India seems to be full of those particular items. . If I've got it right or if they are telling the truth. Take care mate

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    Hey @Millhouse11... Thanks again for the advice, I see your uk too. How long does a delivery take from India as a rule. .. do you have to buy large amounts or are they catering to single people. .. I had a post pop up that was from a banned member from 2014. He said about India mart.
    . Do you know anything about that by chance. The guy said %80 was scams but there was a few reputable ones on there. He reckons the rep ones don't use g mail or yahoo etc. And that the name will be for instance not different names and Web sites. Any ideas if this is true. Thanks again mate. Take care. John jay

  6. Hi @johnjay I am actually in the USA, in New York. I have not used India mart or medsplus but I have used vendors from India. Shipping to the US from India is usually 2 weeks if you use EMS, not sure about shippung time to rhe UK, from what i have read on here your customs is tougher than ours. I wouldn't buy from a vendor that only deals in large amounts, I try to keep my orders small and just order more often. Good Luck.
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    Thanks mate. I agree there. I'm looking into those sites now but it looks like large scale and I definitely don't want to be doing that. Not sure I could argue personal use if they have sent me $1000 worth of stuff. Nor would I buy that kind of money's worth. Take care man. Hope your part of the states is warming up a little bit. John jay

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    @johnjay I think I am in the same boat as you. I sent out a couple of those inquiries and got some random hits back from strange labs, and even some individual vendors. I bit the bullet twice with the individual vendors, and I had amazing luck with one of them who is here in the US. My transactions with him have been nothing but impeccably stellar. He has a really good selection, even though I can't go into a ton of detail right here. I think you'd be incredibly happy with him and my favorite thing is the rapid shipping time and avoiding customs because he already has everything here in the US. The other time I took advantage of a vendor who sought me out following my conversation with India Mart, he gave me information about his minimum orders and they sounded reasonable so I ordered. I never got my package and when I questioned him about it he said his career lost it and this is why he does not do small orders. I reminded him we had had a conversation about his minimums, and that would have been the time to give me an accurate number. So right now we are fighting over $200 and I either have to suck it up and walk away, or come up with another 200 to meet his new minimum and have the privilege of his customer service. My point is, you have to be careful and go with your gut. Anyone who contacts you unless they are someone who has been vetted through this board and you are allowed information about them, you don't really know what you're dealing with. So I have one guy being a jerk and I have another vendor who I love and have had nothing but great success with. I think once you have access to the senior area you'll feel like you're able to make more of an informed decision, but I don't have any experience there either because I too am trying to work my way toward the Golden Circle.

  9. Indian pharmacies

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