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Thread: effects of an ear piercing while on coumadin(warfarin)?

  1. Default effects of an ear piercing while on coumadin(warfarin)

    i was just wondering what could happen to me if i went and got my ears pierced while i was on the drug coumadin (warfarin). the only risk i can see is bleeding, but when watching my friends get it done there seems to be little to no blood, though im not medically trained so im wondering what other side effects could occur

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    effects of an ear piercing while on coumadin(warfarin)?
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    The earlobe is often a site for blood collection when small blood samples are needed. The risk of bleeding depends on how much coumadin you take. However, since there are no major blood vessels located in the earlobe, you should be safe. Just make sure to get pierced on the ear lobe. If you plan to have it at the cartilage area (the upper part) then, this has a higher risk of bleeding.

    Hope this helps.

  4. effects of an ear piercing while on coumadin(warfarin)?

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