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Thread: Methocarbamol and Oxycodone together?

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    Is it safe and/or effective to take these together to releive pain from multiple herniated disks. I can lower the pain with the percoset, but still have discomfort from the spasms. This situation pops up once every couple of months for me for about a week and then I am fine. Also is this too frequent to rely on painkillerswithout an adverse effect?

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    Methocarbamol and Oxycodone together?
  3. Yes it is save and effective, try and take the robaxin in the evening though for bed - or what you can do is break the robaxin in 1/2 and the 2 hrs later take the other half--

    I cannot tell you how to take your meds, but that is what was effective for me. When in doubt refresh with your pharmacist or Physician ok

    NO = he listen ok, you have a need for these meds and they would not be prescribed if the were not needed Do not feel guilty - if you need them take them when i finally gave in to that thought i felt alot better

    Just dont take more then prescribed and you will not have a problem If you have a severe problem with your back - make an appt for an adjustment of meds - he will let you know what is safe
    (we know nothing about you to give more info)

  4. Although I do agree with MonTana to some extent. I to, have had eight back surgeries and have a Medtronic Spinal stimulator. I have osteo-arthritis in the severe degenerative stages with severe neurological damages. We, who have pain in these severe stages cannot express the suffering we go through and, the discomfort all day and, the sleepless nights. I suffer for you.

    Your taking some pretty strong meds. I take Vicodin with several types of muscle relaxers but, I do check with my doctor all the time. I use them sparingly, if at all, unless really necessary.
    I just want to warn you so that you know, there are others out here like you, be careful with the drugs.

  5. Methocarbamol and Oxycodone together?

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