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Thread: How long are barbiturates detectable in urine?

  1. Default How long are barbiturates detectable in urine

    I took some phenobarb about a month ago and I tested positive on my drug test on Saturday.

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    How long are barbiturates detectable in urine?
  3. Short acting- one day; Long acting 2-3 weeks. This is per Labcorp.

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    Barbiturates can stay in the urine for several days to 2-3 weeks, depending on the barbiturate used. In your case, since it is phenobarbital that you used, it belongs to those that stay longer. It is also dependent on the dosage you are taking.

    Barbiturates are not tested for in standard drug tests. However, it is detected in extended drug tests, meaning, if they specifically test for it. If you have taken phenobarb because it is prescribed to you, then you just need to present your prescription so as to justify the positive result. But if not, well, you can always get a second test to confirm.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Thank you for your answers.

  6. How long are barbiturates detectable in urine?

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