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Thread: Is it dangerous to take 2 xanax at one time

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    I have my xanax the smallest dosage 0.5. They are working like they use to being such a small dose. I don't go back to the doctor for a refill for another month and I don't want to waste them. Will it hurt to take 1 1/2 or 2 of them together?
    I ment ot say they ARENT working like they use to.
    I think im just going to stick wth the 1 and call the office tomorrow to make sure he says its ok. I worry over these things. I think I can make it til morning. Thanks for all the advice !!

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    Is it dangerous to take 2 xanax at one time
  3. Adding an extra half will not hurt you. But only take it if you really need it, and see how it works. When you see your doctor tell him/her everything you took. Tell him your body is building up a tolerance to the 0.5. It's important that he knows. Never take extra just because you don't want to waste them.

  4. Always take medication specifically as the doctor prescribed it.

    Don't double up without his consent. If necessary, call the clinic and ask what to do.

  5. My doctor prescribed the 0.5 mg Xanax when I was stressing out really bad and I took two at a time with no horrible effects. You will run out before refill time so I wouldn't do it every time but it certainly won't hurt you.

  6. You MIGHT black out.
    Just might.

    But other than that, it takes a LOT, and i mean a lot of benzos to OD.

    It won't hurt you, but you might do somethin stupid if you black out.

  7. Is it dangerous to take 2 xanax at one time

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