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Thread: Xanax for public speaking

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    Default Xanax for public speaking

    Hi all,

    X has always had problems with public speaking, although just about got through it at a younger age.

    At about 20 X had an episode at work where he had to speak out infront of the company which wasn't a nice episode at all. On the spot, X's mind went blank even though he managed to mutter a few words out and just about finish the speech (was only a short one). It was at this point X realised he had a problem, and it needed addressing.

    Over the next couple of years during team meetings at work (small, confined room), X's paranoia got to rediculous heights and X began to research and realised he suffers with panic attacks. These panic attacks would often cause X to miss the meeting making up excuses, calling in sick, etc.

    During this time, X also joined university with the dreaded thought that somewhere along the way would come the big P word. Presentations were always something X feared although feared more than ever before as a result of the public speaking episode at work. So X did some more research and managed to obtain some Xanax, 30 x 1MG pills.

    X had a presentation on Monday and although Sunday night X put the presentation together, X didn't have much hope for the Xanax, X didn't think even a miracle would cure this level of paranoia he had whilst being on the spot.

    On Monday X took 1 of the Xanax in the morning, at about 10 AM (cause he had read it will settle X's stomach (it was doing cartwheels)). This really did make the day fly like a breeze for X, an hour before the presentation X decided to take another 2 Xanax to settle some nerves that were building for X's biggest ever phobia.

    Shortly after, the time had came. X was called up along with his other 2 friends (group presentation) and the presentation commenced. It was a miracle. X confidenently stood infront of class and delivered his parts, infact, X went too far and ended up doing more slides than necessary lol, X wasn't bothered and X's friends weren't too bothered by that either .

    All in all, Xanax is an absolute miracle, in the industry X is working in, he is pretty sure he will have to deliver alot of future presentations/speeches and looks forward to it all because of Xanax.

    X just has to be disciplined with it now.

    Please share your experiences with Xanax.

    Thanks for reading !

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    An interesting read -- perhaps X should call himself/herself a different letter when talking about X-anax.

    Although it might be good to rely on Xanax for a few cases, immersion therapy would probably help more over the long run while avoiding the xanax when practicing. Toastmasters comes to mind. Solid presentation in front of groups is great for a career. Relying on xanax to cover that aspect of a career is probably not a good idea. From experience, immersion therapy worked for me, but not necessarily appropriate for everybody.
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  3. Ahh... Xanax works wonders for anxiety! I used them back many years ago when in college in a very similar situation!

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    Yes me too.
    I photographed over 100 weddings at $3k each
    and xanax did the trick.
    Now I'm retired and valium is fine.
    Don't get hooked on xanax though.
    Just save it for presentations only or ur tolerance will rise
    & it won't work when you need it and you'll have to take more & more.
    If you feel tense at home have a beer or glass of wine
    and save the xanax for the presentations.

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    Default Has X tried Beta Blockers for stage fright?

    Many public speakers use these to calm down the anxiety before any presentation or speaking. Taking contuning education classes in public speaking could also help.

    I took speech and drama in school and became pretty good in speech tournaments. Got a scholorship in theater and became a fairly good actress. Butterflies are necessary to concentrate to preform well. Xanax is a good placebo once or twice but not in the long run. Why is X so anxious? That is what needs resolving. Looking at a group and speaking to one person in theroy can help. Shyness can be overcome with small tricks like that.

    X should also focus on less words not more. The attention span of a group in this situation is small. Too many graphs and statitics equals padding the script. Recording oneself and practicing without notes infront of a mirror is good too. (Sounds silly but it works) If a presentation is longer than 5 to 7 miniutes x loses the group and causes more anxiety. Five miniutes in front of people is a long time. One miniute intro speech is quite long once you start speaking. So, if xanax makes X goes too long, too bad. It doesn't help.

    I quit acting to be a wife and mom. Then I tried being a DJ, production engineer, and comercial writer, newswoman, and sports color commentator. That's where I really found out how long a miniute is. Selling air time to a sponsor took about 2 miniutes of their time to buy 30 seconds of air time. That job nearly killed me cause I never saw my family and that's why I left preforming in the first place.

    Try therapy for X if the job depends on public speaking. If X isn't happy with that job then maybe another avenue is better like social networking without public presentation. Not everyone is cutout for it. Yet look at Barbara Striesand who is terrible with stage fright to the point of thowing up, and is a super star.

    What do I know anyway? I have panic attacks too! Just not that kind. But X shouldn't depend on xanax to do presentations for sure.

    Peace out,

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    I have had the EXACT same problem....I got a good psychiatrist that gave clonazapam for my anxiety. I am an engineer and public speaking comes with the territory. He gave me klonopin and prozac. They both worked wonders. About an hour before a presentation I take 2 mg of klonopin and whether its the meds or the placebo effect I dont know but it works. Keep trying the xanax but if it doesnt last long enough try a longer acting benzo such as klonopin or valium. any questions just pm me please i know what your going through.

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