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Thread: Good guys -- Nippon Pharmacy

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    Default Good guys -- Nippon Pharmacy

    They are a bit misleading, in that their medications are manufactured in India, and shipped to the consumer from India, but I am 3/3 with them now, and everything I've purchased (including generic Cialis, which is always touch and go) has worked as well as or better than the brand name formulation -- and their packaging method is...interesting.

    The Cialis were so good, in fact, that I my second order with them was for 60 more 20mg generics.

    To be honest, I went there hoping they would carry Pronabol (an Indian version of Dianabol that is the closest thing to the original Ciba brand ones I've ever used), but like everyone else, they only carry Anabol, and odds are any Anabol you don't buy in Thailand is fake - It's notoriously hard to get out of the country. I've had a couple of real tubs over the last couple of from Shaz, and one from a British Ex-Pat who actually lives in Thailand and is famous for creating paper anabolics.

    Anyway, here they are, knock yourselves out -- I've confirmed that they do in fact deliver what they promise, but sadly from India, not from the land of the rising Sun.

    GENERIC MEDICINE - Order at Nippon Pharmacy

  2. what was the packaging like and how long did it take you to get package thanks

  3. iam going to try them in a few days, i will report back

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    @windyj -- Never, never discuss the details of packaging in an open forum.

    Delivery time was about three weeks.

  5. i hate the 3 week waits, but that is how it is in iop

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