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    Any one have any experience with these guys?





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    value pharmaceuticals .com
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    Yes - I successfully purchased Lisinopril from them 2x (in 2011 & 2012) - they had / still have a great price on it. The pills that came all checked out as being made by the correct American pharmaceutical company. They are located in Barbados - off the coast of Columbia.

    Other family members successfully ordered an antibiotic (2x). They used to not require a prescription. I want to order from them again, but I don't know if they will fill the order without a prescription. Price / shipping / quality of meds seems to all check out. I would recommend them if you have a prescription.

    Recently (since March 2013), I've noticed that their log-in server URL has changed - their main site works like before, but they required me to log in again (with a new user profile). Asking now for Dr's information to create a patient profile (optional though). Some other web server is handling their orders because the URL has changed. It used to be all under ValuePharmaceutical's domain name, now there is a login server at '' embedded in their shopping checkout process. This shouldn't affect anything - I'm just notings the changes I've seen since 2010-2012 compared to now. OK, I hope that helps! -G-Money

  4. I used them regularly from early of 2011 into 2012 for my thyroid meds. The only reason I stopped was that they started requiring a prescription for it, and I had seen my endo just a couple months before, and didn't want to pay up his hefty for a scrip. So a couple family members ordered my thyroid meds for me, to stock up before the scrip was needed, and each time we got what I ordered with no problems.

    Recently I got back in touch to get the thyroid (w prescription) meds, and they answered and had a chat with me on email, but I haven't ordered yet.

    I wonder if the info they now require has to do with the changes to some of their meds requiring prescriptions, hence the patient profile asking for dr info.

  5. value pharmaceuticals .com

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