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Thread: Very Small Brown Rust Colored Pill No Imprint

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    Default Very Small Brown Rust Colored Pill No Imprint

    So I was cleaning out an old desk in my garage and came across this very small round pill that is a rusty brown looking color and no imprint at all on either side. It was in a small baggie and I have no clue what it can be or how it got in there. Anyone know ? This is the best pic I could get with my phone since its so small. Thanks for any info.

    2170050384bb2f374d - Very Small Brown Rust Colored Pill No Imprint
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    It almost looks like a ibuprofen but the picture is kind of blurry. I would try googling it or use a pill identifier site. Definitely strange it has no markings of any kind.
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    You might try to help aid & identify it. However, even off brand ibuprofen typically have an imprint code stamped on it for identification purposes. The picture you've given is rough at best(kinda looks like an UFO. Ha!), which makes things tough . As I'm sure you know, don't ingest anything when not 100% sure of what the chemical makeup is.... never assume



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    Yeah, I tried pill ID but didn't see anything. Its the color of an ibuprofen but much smaller.
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  5. I can reiterate what @Wish said - all drugs for sale in the US require an imprint of some kind. Ibuprofen was my first thought also but many iron tablets have that rust color too. If I found it I would probably start checking the vendor websites I have used and look at pictures of their meds. I guess it could also be supplement since they don't all have imprints. That's a tough one.
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    It is almost certainly an over the counter drug. Does it appear to be coated in something? Also is it perfectly round? I can't tell from the picture.
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    Yep, most generic ibuprofen has the same rusty brown color. In my experience those generic ibu's always have a combination of letters and numbers on them. I have seen countless combinations of letters and numbers depending where I bought them! Having said all this, I don't know what that pill is and cant really see it. Good luck!!
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