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Cheap Scrips
Update August 1, 2009: After many reports of undelivered orders being posted here we don't recommend you use this pahramcy. Cheap Scrips' pharmacy is not the prettiest online presence, but it is cheap and long established. Sells ritalin, modafinil, valium, xanax, phentermine, plus many others. Now only accepts...
2.2 (70)
Lose Pain Pharmacy
Specialising in pain medications as the name suggests will actually cause you pain if our testing is anything to go by.
3.8 (9)
Approved Medical
Not reliable any more.
This listing has been archived.
3.4 (12)
UK Sleeping Pills is a risk for credit card fraud
1.2 (6)
Save Generic
Probably best to avoid this pharmacy. We have heard it is not at all reliable.
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1.2 (1)
Supreme Pharmacy
Do not go near this online pharmacy. We have blacklisted it due to reports of money being taken and goods not being delivered. If you want to buy sports medicines try one of the reputable pharmacies we list instead.
3.1 (5)
Mexican Pharmacy is a reliable looking website, but it is well-known as a scam site. There are multiple reports about them taking money without providing medicines.
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3.9 (3)
724 IP
724 International Pharmacy is now unreliable. Do not use.
3.1 (9)
Mail Pharma
Purveyors of fake medicines. Do not use.
1.9 (18)
The Drug Buyers Guide is an internet forum who's staff is guilty of favoritism towards certain groups of pharmacies. There are reports of users banned for writing negative reviews on the favored pharmacies and for writing positive reviews on other pharmacies. If found out, Pharmacy forum users face...
0.9 (6) is known to send fake medicines in the USA.
0.5 (1)
A scam-site that has unrealistic prices and accepts Western Union as it's sole payment option. Red flags everywhere. 
0.0 (0)
Pharmacy belongs to a group of other pharmacies in Pakistan/India (or just fake websites) that scam people. fails to ship ordered medicines, does not reship or return money. ...
0.0 (0) is trying to pretend to be the reincarnation of another, bankrupt, business (, but there is no evidence they have anything to do with the original website! A company which uses tactics like this is probably best not to be trusted.
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Phone Consultation
There is evidence that this site is a scam operation
2.0 (7)
15 results - showing 1 - 15